Utterly Engaged

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

When Lucia founded Utterly Engaged in 2009, her mission was to create a unique space on the internet for women to discover, create and connect in every stage of their life, starting with their wedding. Lucia didn't want to create just another wedding magazine or website, but she was set on to create Utterly Engaged to be a movement and a voice for love. And towards the end of 2014 her dream is about to come true. When a now printed magazine and a brand new website to launch, Utterly Engaged will be place for every women to slow down, share stories, and to remind them to bring it back to love, marriage, partnerships and a union that’s meaningful, thoughtful, relaxed, stylish and fashionable. Utterly Engaged is here to encourage and empower more love, beauty, life, truth and togetherness. If you're inspired to be a part of the Utterly Engaged movement we welcome your submissions below:

creative & witty  /  tasteful & thoughtful  /  approachable & relatable  /  multicultural & family-oriented  /  innovative & intuitive  /  functional, beautiful & sentimental

unique & artistic  /  passionate & expressive  /  smart & resourceful  /  enthusiastic & adventurous  /  you're serious about your work but you don't take yourself too seriously  /  real & authentic
Utterly Engaged